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Dents are an unfortunate part of owning a vehicle. When you have a new car, its first dent can be a devastating moment. After it happens you will likely want to get it fixed right away. But where do you go exactly? Many repair shops out there have slow service and unreasonable prices. You deserve auto dent repair near Kyle, TX that is quick and affordable. That’s why you should take your car in to Express Paintless!

One thing that really sets us apart from other dent removers is our technique. As you can probably see from our name, we specialize in paintless dent removal. This technique involves massaging the dent back into its original shape with the use of specialized tools, rather than using paint and body filler. This is great because it allows us to provide excellent auto dent repair near Kyle, TX at a low cost. It is also relatively quick, which is why most of our jobs get finished the same day you come in.

No matter what type of dent you have, we can get it fixed. Small dents, such as door dings, can usually be fixed the same day. Larger ones may take more time, but we can still get them fixed. We can also repair your car’s hail damage! Paintless dent removal has become the preferred method for hail repair due to its low cost and speed. So whether your dent is large, small, or from a hailstorm, stop by Express for auto dent repair near Kyle, TX. When you need auto dent repair near Kyle, TX, stop by Express Paintless. With our innovative techniques and experienced crew, we can get your car fixed up in no time. Don’t let that dent get you down. Contact Express Paintless for a free consultation instead!

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