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Hail damage is not your fault! Your insurance knows that hail is an act of nature. Unlike car collisions, reporting your auto hail damage will not typically cause a rise in your insurance claim, especially if your insurance is comprehensive. But, filing a claim with your insurance can be a hassle. Let our team of specialists handle it for you!
Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a repair process developed by technicians around the world. Our technicians use specialized tools to massage blemishes and dents back to original form. Learn more about the history of this process and how it’s modernized since its creation!
We've heard and seen it all some of the most laughable myths about dent repair. From dry ice to hair dryers and plungers, these home remedies can often cause more damage than good. Find out which of these myths are bogus and which might be worth your time.
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