Scratch and Dent Repair in San Marcos

Has your vehicle ever been hit by a stray grocery cart or dented by a reckless driver? If you live in San Marcos, then you have probably experienced one of those problems due to the over population of the area. These little scratches and dents can turn a great day to a terrible one. With the help from Express Paintless, we can turn that terrible day into a better one with our scratch and dent repair. Stop looking at that unsightly scratch and dent and make your way into Express Paintless today to get your vehicle looking as good as it used to.

Here at Express Paintless, we use only the safest and most effective methods when repairing your vehicle’s body. One of the techniques we use is SMART (small to medium area repair technique) reconditioning. With the use of this technique, our technicians are able to properly and effectively repair any issues that you may be having with the body of your vehicle. Another scratch and dent repair that we do is our paintless dent repair. If the paint on your vehicle is still intact after your accident, then we use this method so that we don’t need to re-paint.

With the use of our top of the line tools by our highly trained automotive technicians, this scratch and dent repair technique involves a careful process that returns your vehicle to its original shape. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get rid of your vehicle’s scratches and dents, then take a trip to Express Paintless Today. With the amount of people living in San Marcos, TX, there are bound to be scratches and dents to appear on your vehicle. Clean them up by calling Express Paintless. We will be more than happy to restore your vehicle to its old self.

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