Hail damage can happen to anyone. It can pop up on sunny days or be hidden in a heavy rain storm. It can be small and wind driven or large and coming straight down. Whatever the case may be, our certified technicians are ready handle your repair.
Door dings, handbag bumps, ladder lumps, and gold ball strikes can all damage your vehicle. But, we’ve got you covered. Pesky minor dents can often be removed quickly, while you wait.
Large dents can be quite the challenge to remove. Even though they often appear as though they might just “pop” out, we assure you that is rarely the case.
Our commitment to excellence, integrity, innovation and customer devotion makes the Express Paintless Difference for body shops. We are more than just dent guys! Express Paintless is home to committed repair technicians ready to serve you. Learn more about what value Express Paintless can add to your body shop.
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